What You Can Expect From Shopify For BFCM 2020 — Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This is usually the time of year when businesses of all types and sizes start preparing for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) and the holiday shopping season.

But in 2020, many of you were forced to rewrite your plans—pivoting, adapting, and rethinking your businesses and the way you operate. We rewrote ours, too, to ensure Shopify could support your business through these times. 

BFCM this year is different and everyone’s circumstances going into this season will be unique. Whether you decide to participate in BFCM this year or not, here are some of the ways we’ll be here for you, from our COO Harley Finkelstein.


What you can expect from Shopify

Each week until after the holidays, we’ll be sharing the latest news and information through our What’s New newsletter to help you navigate BFCM and this holiday shopping season.

Here’s just some of what you can expect in your inbox:

  • Insight into the latest trends in commerce as they develop 
  • Education and inspiration to inform your decisions as you make BFCM plans for your unique business
  • Tips and updates to improve the discoverability of your products to the right customers
  • Opportunities to highlight your brand and your products through our own channels and content
  • Virtual events to connect you with other independent business owners in the Shopify community
  • The best Shopify apps and practices for increasing your average order value to maximize your marketing spend
  • Advice for managing fulfillment expectations, deadlines, and service interruptions 

And, of course, a reliable commerce platform to power your business this holiday season and beyond. This year may be different, but you’re not alone.

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