Utopia P2P Lists Crypton Cryptocurrency on Exchanges

Utopia P2P, a self-described “all in one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, and anonymous payments,” has recently launched Crypton, its cryptocurrency, on the “international cryptocurrency market,” according to a press release from the group.

The asset has been launched on cryptocurrency exchanges like and, the release continues, where all users on the platform can buy and trade CRP as they’d like.

“For anyone who missed the chance to invest in Bitcoin at the early stage of its development, here is a second chance to get in on the ground floor and invest in a new and rapidly developing cryptocurrency right now. At this stage of development, everyone can buy the cryptocurrency at the lowest price. So, invest a little now, and make a profit as the value increases steadily,” the release continues.

Crypton plans to provide “the protection and confidentiality of financial transactions,” while inviting users to the Utopia P2P ecosystem. “There, the developers are able to combine all the necessary Internet tools in one place. By the way, no Internet project has done this before. It includes the ability to transfer and store any data safely, as well as the complete anonymity and privacy of each user,” it continues.

This platform includes a messenger, email, a browser, a wallet, and more – all utilizing the Crypton asset. “CRP does not display any transaction data. It is intended for anonymous payments. Third parties do not have access to information about the identity of clients who use Cryptons for personal purposes. The entire process of conducting a transaction is linked under a cryptographic signature. The transfer itself over the network is also wrapped in encryption.”

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