Twitter Shares Insights into Rising Discussion Around the NFL Playoffs [Infographic]

After the most unusual, disjointed, and likely difficult season in memory, the NFL is now in the final stages of its 2020-21 campaign, as we march towards the Super Bowl early next week.

And while it has been difficult, sports have been a major blessing for fans all over the world, providing a welcome distraction from the various negative news stories that weighed us down over the course of the past year. Like the NBA and MLB, the players have had to make major sacrifices, and deal with trying conditions, but the entertainment they’ve provided has been greatly appreciated, and respected on all fronts.

But the Super Bowl, of course, is about more than just the NFL, with the commercials and campaign tie-ins becoming a spectator sport in their own right. And with that in mind, this week, Twitter has shared some new insight into the evolving NFL discussion on the platform, with a view to helping brands link into the hype by building their own themed campaigns.

If you’re thinking about how you can hitch a ride on the Super Bowl train, there are some valuable notes here.

Check out the infographic listing below.

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