Social Mind Reader Game

Social Mind Reader Game is a PHP script written for people with no coding language, and no database is required.

This fun lightweight and easy to use script could be the social viral website you need.

This script will read your mind and with 100% accurate its totaly fool proof.

With an added simple question at the beginning of the process  to amaze your visitors just that little more

With the extra added customisation so you can add your own branding for improved traffic to your other sites or blogs, service awareness, maybe promotion of your own affiliate link on CodeCanyon.

The mascot pack that is in our demo can be found here

We have included a free to use Masscott but you must download the file so you can agree to the designers terms and conditions

Included is a live Hit counter that will show you and your visitors how popular you are, saying that it’s very easy to edit the total so if you want to start on a number higher than one then you have the flexibility to do so.

This script has been optimised for your site to be shared via the popular social network Facebook,

And is mobile and tablet responsive.

Download NOW

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