Simple Stock – Manage your stocks, invoice and customers.

Simple Stock is a simple inventory management system that simplify record keeping and inventory control. It can keep track of your products, items in stock and process orders dynamically.

Online Demo

Username: br_admin
Password: test123

Quick Overview

  1. Products Overview: Show products and it quantity in stock
  2. Easy navigation links
  3. Overview of products in stock and items sold
  4. Overview of recent orders or sales
  5. Add products to shop stocks
  6. Add items to products
  7. Dynamic products update during sales
  8. Quick order processing.
  9. Secured login

Additional Features

  1. Fully responsive. both front end and backend
  2. Built with PHP, almost anyone can scale it
  3. Well documented and structured code
  4. Can run offline
  5. Includes settings page for setting company’s name, logo and admin login.

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