Network Merchants Payment Gateway & NMI Terminal

Network Merchants Payment Gateway & NMI Terminal

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Express Payment is a combo of Network Merchants Payment Gateway & NMI Terminal. NMI is an eCommerce payment gateway for companies who need to process worldwide, real-time retail and online transactions.

Express Payments is a standalone PHP based application which allows to accept card payments online in standalone way. You do not need to install any extra appllication to use our application.

Very Easy

Yes! Just install the application your server and start using it. :) A Well Documented guide is attached with the application setup.

Key Features

  • Built in Pure PHP so you can intigrate it with existing system also.
  • Multiple Employee Login
  • All transactions record in your database
  • Two type payment options : Quick Pay and API based payment in three steps
  • Take print tranaction receipt
  • Send quick transaction details to you client (optional) as an Email
  • Mobile,Tablet Freindly Responsive Design

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