MLX LoanBook – Loan Managment System

MLX LoanBook – Loan Management System

The features you want, the simplicity you need!

Beautifully designed for best User Interface & User Experience.

It Have 2 kind of loan options : Personal Loan and Vehicle Loan

Features Quick View

  1. Add Customer with 2 Guarantors details
  2. Customer and Guarantors have 2 file upload option
  3. Create Branches for Loan Management
  4. Create Loan for Customer at Branch Level, each customer will have different Account No. for different Loans
  5. Generate Bank Book and Cash Book at Branch Level
  6. Add Expense at Branch level
  7. Multiple Reports
  8. Profit and loss Report and so on

Have a Look the Demo

usre: admin
password: admin

Our Support

we proudly provide Customize Support for individual custom applications that requires different users at different level.


Version 1.0 (23-05-2017)

- Initial Release

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