LeverJ, Brave New Coin Partner to Offer DeFi Focused Exchange

LeverJ, a self-described “decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform created to perform like traditional financial exchanges while maintaining the critical function of instant finality,” has partnered with data and research company Brave New Coin to launch a brand new, DeFi focused cryptocurrency exchange, according to a press release from both groups.

The platform is meant to “perform like traditional financial exchanges while maintaining the critical function of security,” the release notes.

Part of this launch is because interest in DeFi is constantly on the rise. In fact, in July of this year, decentralized exchanges saw trading values of up to $4 billion.

The platform is meant to bring feature parity to decentralized exchanges, and the two groups are even working to provide “sub-sector specific tradable products like a DeFi index, privacy coin index, volatility indices and much more,” the release continues.

Speaking on the matter is Bharath Rao, the co-founder of LeverJ, who said:

“Most exchanges self-index, which introduces unnecessary risk. While LEVERJ and Gluon are decentralized, we fully take into account the importance of safe product design when it comes to derivatives. By partnering with Brave New Coin, we give our users more transparency in the benchmark methodology and instrument design process as well as a greatly expedited product roadmap. It’s our goal to bring the best practices of capital markets into the DeFi space, thus attracting new institutions who wouldn’t trade anywhere with vague rules.”

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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