Keyfactor Releases SSH Key Manager for Increased Security on Its Platforms

Keyfactor, a self-described platform that “empowers enterprises of all sizes to close their critical trust gap – when breaches, outages and failed audits from digital certificates and keys impact brand loyalty and the bottom line,” has revealed its release of an SSH Key Manager for Keyfactor Command. This essentially means that its platform can automate the distribution of Secure Shell keys across businesses in the organization, ccording to a press release from the group.

SSH keys are essential, as they ensure users can access important databases and software in a secure way, the release continues. That said, organizations who fail to treat these keys with the proper level of security may find their information being stolen. Keyfactor’s new management process is meant to protect against that.

Speaking on the matter is Ted Shorter, the CTO and co-founder at Keyfactor, who said:

“Unlike other kinds of access credentials, SSH keys don’t expire. Between servers and cloud workloads, organizations can have upwards of a million SSH keys. Tracking all active and abandoned SSH keys makes manual management next to impossible. As a result, we’ve seen an uptick in attacks using SSH keys as an access point to critical systems, applications and sensitive data.”

This release details the following benefits provided by SSH Key Manager:

– Reduced risk exposure – maintaining a real-time inventory of SSH keys and the ability to delete or rotate weak or inactive keys.
– Complete visibility – allowing teams to find SSH keys and map trust relationships to users, machines and web services, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
– Greater control – providing a simple dashboard to identify risks, assign key permissions and simplify audits with easy-to-generate reports.
– Seamless automation – automating SSH key deployment as workloads are spun up in multi-cloud and CI/CD environments.

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