Introducing Stacks 2.0. Since the early days at Blockchain.com… | by Amadeo Pellicce | @blockchain | Jan, 2021

Since the early days at Blockchain.com — back when we were Blockchain.info — we’ve believed in the revolutionary power of Bitcoin and its promise to empower anyone anywhere to control their own money. Last year, we partnered with Blockstack PBC to provide an airdrop of the Stacks token (STX) to our customers around the world.

We’ve admired the great work they’ve done at developing innovative software that enables decentralized applications, identity, and finance since 2013. So we were excited to now support Stacks 2.0, which brings powerful smart contracts and applications to Bitcoin.

Stacks 2.0 is one part a network upgrade, one part entirely new network. By anchoring Stacks to Bitcoin, it is integrated with Bitcoin’s security, capital, and network. The promise here is that developers will be able to build applications and smart contracts that make all $760B worth of bitcoin programmable through the Clarity programming language

Plus, for those who are familiar with staking, the Stacks 2.0 network provides a similar but unique ability called Stacking: Lock your STX to support network consensus, and earn rewards in bitcoin as part of Proof of Transfer (PoX).

As Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director at the Stack Foundation, shared, “Blockchain.com is one of the most established companies in crypto and their work to simplify the space and make it accessible to more people is a critical part of pushing the industry forward. Like us, they’ve been big believers in Bitcoin since early on; their support of Stacks 2.0 is yet another example of their commitment to investing in the network and in a decentralized, user-owned future.

Blockchain.com users who participated in the 2020 airdrop will receive full support for the Stacks 2.0 functionality. We will also be adding trading support for STX on the Blockchain.com Exchange in the near future. And we look forward to collaborating with Hiro and the Stacks Foundation to provide new value and use cases for Blockchain.com users who hold STX.

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