How much is your iPhone 11/Pro worth right now?

As of this writing, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are still the latest and greatest iPhones. But that’s going to change soon — namely next week when Apple announces their successors. Whether you’re looking to sell your iPhone 11 to upgrade to the iPhone 12 mini or even the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ve come to the right place. First, let’s find out how much it’s worth and how to get the most value for your trade-in.

How much is your iPhone 11/11 Pro worth?

The iPhone X is worth between $287 and $500, depending on a variety of factors including storage size, condition, and whether or not you’re willing to take store credit instead of cash.

How to check your iPhone 11/11 Pro’s trade-in value

The iPhone 11 is the newest iPhone out there, and it’s known for holding value extraordinarily well compared to the rest of the smartphone market. If you’re smart, you’ll be able to get a decent value — and depending on how much work you want to do, a like-new iPhone 11/11 Pro could snag a very pretty penny.

The various trade-in sites offer an ever-changing variation of values for different conditions, but here’s a quick list of trade-in sites that can tell how much value your iPhone X currently has. Simply head to their sites to check out how much they’re currently offering:

Among these options for trading in your iPhone X, we recommend trading it in through our very own 9to5Mac trade-in portal where you can get a fair value and cold hard cash in a matter of days. Using our own trade-in portal also supports 9to5Mac and lets us keep doing what we do.

Latest iPhone 11/11 Pro trade-in values for October 2020

Every month, we go through some of the top trade-in sites to find some of the best deals. Here are some of the top trade in values for iPhone 11/11 Pro for October 2020:

iPhone 11 trade-in values

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $375 cash (64GB, unlocked, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac $475 cash (256GB, unlocked, good) (Support the site!)
  • Apple Trade-In: Not yet available
  • Gazelle: $287 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $364 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Best Buy: Not yet available

iPhone 11 Pro trade-in values

  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $475 cash (64GB, unlocked, good) (Support the site!)
  • MyPhones via 9to5Mac $500 cash (256GB, unlocked, good) (Support the site!)
  • Apple Trade-In: Not yet available
  • Gazelle: $383 cash (64GB, unlocked, good)
  • Gazelle: $470 cash (256GB, unlocked, good)
  • Best Buy: Not yet available

Sell your iPhone yourself

If you want to put in the effort selling your phone yourself, you’ll probably be able to get notably more than any of these trade-in programs can offer. Selling your iPhone X on eBay, Swappa, Letgo, or Craigslist will almost certainly get you the most money in return for your used goods. You can read about more options for trading in and selling your iPhone X in our full ultimate guide.

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