GitHub Issue Creator

Why Use It?

One of the best things about GitHub is its issue tracker. You can reference and close issues from commit messages, as well as assign an issue to a particular team member.

However, as great as the feature is, it’s impossible to let your client create issues for your projects without adding them as a team member.

As a result, GitHub Issue Creator was designed to make a bridge between your client’s website and GitHub. You can embed a “new ticket” form on their website that will create an issue on your GitHub repository. Plus, you won’t have to put your GitHub API credentials on their server. Everything is kept on your server.

Is it difficult to setup?

If you’ve ever looked into the GitHub API you know that it uses OAuth to handle authentication. Which, as you may know can be somewhat difficult to work with. So, I’ve written a step by step installation page with the most complicated step being “copy & paste”. Yes, it’s that simple.


  1. Clients will never know that you are using GitHub
  2. You can embed the issue form directly onto their site
  3. Any problem they have will be added to your repository instantly
  4. Use GitHub’s powerful issue manager that fits your workflow anyway

Change Log

November 9, 2012

  1. Repositories from GitHub Organizations can be used
  2. The expiration time on cached files can be easily modified

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