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August was notable for the release of the Jetpack Compose alpha, which let devs try their hand at the streamlined UI-building process for the first time. We also got an update to Kotlin with Kotlin 1.4, bringing numerous new features with it. And of course, we also got the Android 11 final Beta. Not long to go now!

Here at Android Authority, we’ve covered the new Android Beta launch, while also providing our usual smorgasbord of development content. Last month, we focussed on Python tutorials. This month, we have even more Python content, as well as a wide array of Java tutorials (no pun intended).

You’ll find all that and more below!

News and features from Android

Java beginner course – A free and comprehensive guide to the basics of Java – If you’re going to learn to build Android apps, you’ll likely need to learn Java or Kotlin. This is a full tutorial that will bring you up to speed on the former.

How to install Java, and everything else you need to know – Before any of that though, first you need to install Java!

How to call a method in Java – This post tells you how to call a method in Java. This is a basic skill you’ll need to use often!

Best resources to learn Java – free and paid – There are a ton of resources on this very site for those looking to familiarize themselves with Java. Those hungry for more can find a large number of resources to get stuck into on this list.

How to print an array in Java – Getting a little more specific! This post shows you how to print an array in Java.

Python beginner’s guide – Everything you need to know to get started – In a similar vein to the Java tutorial, this is our big, comprehensive introduction to Python, with handy links to many of the other tutorials on the site!

How to use Python modules – Python modules drastically extend the capabilities of the programming language. Learn how to use them, or build your own!

How to use classes in Python – One of the fundamental practices of Python programming.

How to use loops in Python – Multiple methods for iteration.

How to reverse a list in Python – Because sometimes you’ve gotsta’ reverse a list!

Python vs Java: Which language should you learn and what are the differences? – With so many tutorials for both languages at your fingertips, should you spend time learning Java or Python? What are the differences in terms of structure and syntax? Why do those differences exist?

Android 11 beta 3 lands, requires users to opt-in to Exposure Notifications APIAndroid Authority’s coverage of the latest Android 11 Beta. The biggest change here is that the new Exposure Notifications System is now pre-installed. Find out what that means for you.

News and features from Google

Android 11 final Beta update, official release coming soon! – Google announces the final Beta update for Android 11. Find out what’s new in this post.

11 Weeks of Android: UI and Compose – This post explores Jetpack Compose in more depth and is definitely worth a look.

Announcing Jetpack Compose Alpha! – It’s here! Jetpack compose is Google’s powerful new tool for designing Android app UIs. This blog announces the official unveiling, but for an easy overview, check out our previous post discussing the toolkit. – A blueprint to build world-class apps and games for Chrome OS – Also this month, Google announced a new informational hub for ChromeOS developmement.

11 Weeks of Android: Games, media, and 5G – This post provides some in-depth discussion looking at, you guessed it, games, media, and 5G!

Getting ready for 5G on Android – This post provides useful advice to help developers prepare their apps for 5G and take full advantage of everything it brings to the table.

New language features and more in Kotlin 1.4 – Kotlin is number one for Android development if you ask Google, so any update should be considered big news; especially when said update brings a number of changes that should result in cleaner code.

What’s happening in Wear OS by Google – A brief update on what to expect for the near-future of Wear OS.

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