Agora Group to Hold 5th Global Blockchain Congress in September

The Agora Group, a company that runs the Global Blockchain Congress in Dubai, will be holding the 5th edition of the event on September 29th this year, according to a press release. This is possible thanks to one Sheikh Mohamed Bin Sultan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

“The first four editions of the Global Blockchain congress were a tremendous success and we were able to host more than 380 investors and more than 80 blockchain startups and were able to raise more than 100$ Million in funds for our participating projects,” the release continues.

Speaking on the matter is Managing General Partner of Alpha Omega Capital:

“AOCP attended the 3rd edition of the Global Blockchain Congress to raise funds and we are very happy to announce that we just got our first investment deal for 1$ million.”

The event is an exclusive one, only offering attendance to investors and startups who would benefit from the funds.

“Raising funds and receiving funding is vital to the growth and success of startups. NOW is the right time for international startups to tap into a pool of highly engaged investors from the MENA region who are actively looking to invest in exciting and promising companies,” the release concludes, before a list of speakers from all around the world are listed.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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